Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wrestling With A Single Quarter

Day Fourteen 09/01, of the week prophecy, 08/18, this count down to resurrection, see more here,

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

The Fall Out, Down

     -This sound like the beginning of the end of the prophecy, the lamenting I heard, and I quote, "I have a bear in 120 counties," as in a bear market, which as well could mean countries, as the global economy is dangling by a thread, antichrist being staged, meaning don't believe most of what you see or hear, the pale horse looms, 2001, beginning at America's Soil, and like the recent Louisiana flooding most can't or won't see it coming, not even professionals, beware, be very aware, Apb, The RAM, see also 

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                      

      -Jesuis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, Hope Amid Chaos, in Yemen, Christians face intense persecution from militant groups, such as al-Qaida, but they also face persecution from their Muslim neighbors. In June 2016, Muslims interrupted a small church gathering and beat up all of the men, sending many to the hospital. Despite this and other incidents of persecution, one believer said these difficulties are “encouraging believers to build the family altar.”
     -Although local Christians must be careful about sharing their faith, many say the war has taken some of the pressures off their community. As a result, believers are becoming more united as they share resources and to meet together to pray and worship. Their Muslim neighbors are taking note of this love and peace, and asking why Muslims kill while Christians show mercy.
More Muslims are coming to Christ, too. A local ministry leader said, “Every two or three days we discover a new believer.” see more here, also see,

We Exalt Thee                                                    

        -As I've testified for months now, "We Exalt Thee," was the song I heard playing in my head when I awaken from a ceremony in heaven, where names, as a roll call were being summon right out of the book of life. I want you to also be reminded of John's description of the 144,000 who stayed with Jesus, how they all learn a song, that none other could. It was additionally doing a celebration in heaven, I presumed there is always such the occasion there, soon I was approached upon by one of it's many host, which simply said, HE want see you, and I said, whom and He said, HIM, when just as soon, I found myself standing before a mountain, from which an illumination like the sun emerges and spoke, and I quote, "let my people go," this being the final exodus getting all people to Jesus, the single Ark of Salvation."
     -No doubt Holy Father was referring to the great whore of religion, and all whoredom in bed with her, unveiled to John, Rev. 17, it's complete, fall, Rev. 18, who'd corrupted his people long enough, even bearing a cup filled with martyrs blood, crying aloud, how long O Lord?  As I grew up, after suffering severe head trauma, nearly dying, as it was described, I went through my childhood life, having the weirdest things happening with my eyes, red, flaring all the time, even baffling the doctors back then. This is why you hear me describe how my ministry didn't begin that spring morning of 1986, this was actually the reveal until right up to presently.
     -My actual ministry began my twelfth year on Dunlap street, which is why this particular street has been demonstrated to me, including only a week ago, that's three times, regarding Obama, since Obama's Presidency, alone, ending its Intrepid Adventure the night of Christmas night 2001, for 190 months, now here living post the worse to happen to mankind, ever, or ever again, thanks be to Jesus, and Elohim's reign, that is. This is why King Nebuchadnezzar viewed it as a stone falling from heaven crushing all things rebellion man, further, explaining why it release, was described to me, 02/14/2015, as "the antichrist murderer."

Seventy Weeks (190 Months, 2001) Are Determined Upon Thy People         

     -After you've read this, Isaiah 13, see the entire scripture broken down here  I need you to imagine, Holy Spirits giving you something very similar, you write it all down on paper, I don't know, about ten sheets or more and you hand it off to your pastor, again the late eighties. Believe this end time apostle, readying to ascend, this is why Jesus is to forewarn all those coming after Him, are to deny themselves, how if you're ashamed of him before man, he will be ashamed of you before His Father.
     -Not unusual, I received this forewarning Isaiah 13, as one is to lean over and whisper in ones ear, it is one of those forewarnings if you ever need a vivid picture of what the wrath of God is. Seeing here, Isaiah 13, of many, is one of those scriptures of just trying to imagine an Almighty God, for a time, no longer having or showing mercy, who want to be here for that?                         
     -I remember now post 9/11, Bush war on the axis of evil, even Hussein Obama's administration coming upon it's finale, and ISIS, well first the Taliban, then al-Qaida, I as well want to mention Hamas, as I witness Israel fall to an enemy by the name of Hamath, still you get the picture, just these  unrelenting evils. I was dozing into a sleep 1998, and passing before my eyes as a panorama, was the name Jeremiah and the numbers, the scriptures 37:8. Not knowing as clearly as you are, I rose immediately from this stagger, to see what was this matter, not unlike many times, not really having comprehension this is what I read, "the Chaldeans shall come again, and fight against this city, and take it, and burn it with fire," that was it, that was all, which made me all the more alarmed.
    -It's not that I'd not heard of the Chaldeans, and how deadly they were, are, as returning territorial spirits, demonic, I inquired like everyone else, what does this have to do with us, in this day, in this time? Clearly, as though God, Jesus and bible prophecy isn't the same all the time. Well now know we know, post 911 and Bush war on the axis of evil, even their execution of Saddam, and here lately Col. Qaddafi's attempt at a US of Africa. Well, now more ISIS than any of the other terrorist groups, we now know this scripture, as verse 8 would say, was forewarning of a relentless enemy, how despite they're warred against.
     -Even assassinated and killed, we did kill a Hussein, and yet God equally placed one in the White House, so regardless, they will appear all the more victorious, regardless of all efforts made against them, they will come, they will take these people, they will burn your cities, it was warning, of the Islamic Invasion, reign I witness come into fruition as soon as America failed/felled. As is described this forewarning passage 1998, I witness it, America, most of all burn, saw the white house in flames, saw the entire eastern seaboard disappear because of these judgement, heed Jesus ancient cry, to repent or perish!
     -Remember the seventy weeks of Daniel determined upon his people primarily that they repent and return, while after Jesus would be crucified, this time table that would ebb and flow along various dispensations. As so the allowance of biblical prophecy, sat stalled again per Christ's victorious Cross, it is from this for 2000 years recess. Well you can say, what we've deemed especially the free- world, that's western civilization and as well as America, is all like barrowed from that time table. All skewed this way, this Mystery Babylon by the prophecies of an incarnate Christ.
     -Even given it an estimated by Him, Jesus, table of duration, this times, times and a half, while it's been 2,500 years since he said this, all being unveiled by the Angel Gabriel, to the prophet Daniel, as this great trial, the great evil coming in the end of days, targeting his people, see his 12th chapter. So all time that has been allow extending from Christ's Cross, has been a trial, even a test if you will, having chosen to crucify him, and falling into the power of what Jesus would soon describe, as that ruling mass assembly, Satan's seat, to Mystery Babylon now all passed into all fate on this planet, all is to reap what's been sown mankind blood lineage, getting all nation building from Christ's Cross until now, this last, final week of Daniel.
     Apparently, the only explanation for the backward running clock, bearing a 69th year, again ticking all time back to this 70th, week of Daniel, it's total fulfillment, and why I'm left to believe the "week," prophecy, 08/18/ and though I'd for years been prophesying it, this recent reveal was further verification how beyond climatic the days ahead we're facing. It's also a reference to Jesus' Millennium Reign, as I witness it follow Obama's Administration, now the only way that's possible, is if the next rule on this planet is by the final week of Daniel, meaning 2017/18-2024, with Bride now reigning in heaven doing this entire duration, I've seen this.
     -This revelation all the verify and enhances the sure urgency of what the Angel Gabriel 2004, said of these time right here, and I quote him, "the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind," as so, "she coming or going with the seventh angel." Now understand, this is why Jesus explained to the Samaritan woman how salvation was especially of, or because of the Jews, knowing which God to worship. Though don't be alarmed, Jesus' Cross is first and far most the fulfillment of one of Elohim's most urgent promises, even prophecies, that dating all the way into the first Adam, regarding the woman seed who would restore Adam's blood lineage period, toward all who would believe, once the cross is finished.
     -Jesus would restored unto Heavenly Father, one new man, no longer hindered along divine, righteous, outreach according to statue, ethnicity nor gender, but like the first Adam, one man both male and female, both husband and wife, anything else, any other version, as Holy Spirit taught through Apostle Paul is accursed. Now we here Peter forming the early church, and forewarning corrupt religious leaders, how they'd crucified their long awaited messiah, there is only one name given under heaven, whereby mankind can be saved, Jesus. Got Him, got Jesus yet? Awake, be aware as God, Himself, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM.   

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