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Business Cards For Better Homeless Shelters

Day Twenty, 09/07, week prophecy, 08/18, countdown to resurrection, see

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Like Watching Noah's Ark, a voice, "Mark 17 and 7," 2003, like the days of Noah, Mat. 24, Jesus, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993, "my people are being stripped," GOH, Apb

Occupied Territory             

     An End, The End Hath Come, Summon The Fowls                         

Double Trouble And Counting

     Cursed from the beginning isn't he supposed to be dead, aren't we all, dead in our trespasses and sins, and Jesus the only blessed redeemer therein? Dead to sin, alive to Holy Spirits for all eternity, I mean despite how special and grand this wedding, even this dance, the warning how all those going about as though all is normal are only fooling themselves, 2007, not only is the worse coming, the worse has happen. Don't you get it? I saw the rise of the two worse beast that will ever, if only for a short time occupied this earth, again the worse of biblical prophecy from the beginning to now, meaning death tolls possibly in the billions. This is why it is of everything Holy Spirit and Grace on this planet to get every human being's attention, evil like never before, nor shall ever again be, now reign.
    Just remember when Jesus said to His disciples, let the dead bury the dead, and all were stun by what He said, it was only to increase the urgency of getting all immortal souls to Holy Lords and staying there until the first Resurrection, second death having no power.  Even doing a celebration in heaven turn this urgent message, when a light like the sun in all of it's strength, moved like from behind a mountain and commanded, His People come out of rebelliousness reaching it's greatest of abominations, for now is come mighty judgment, even double than before, upon them, right now.
     It's supposed to be dead. Now imagine you're caring after this child, you love, cherish, and literally worship this child, when just as soon you hear a voice, "why are you caring for this child, it's supposed to be dead!" If all mankind is dead in this life, then why are they forfeiting their immortal soul over this imitation of life and living, described to be totally satanic, upon which a second death, as to be cast into lakes of fires, await, No doubt, this is the seriousness Jesus was referring to, when He declared, My Father work hereto and I work, meaning unendingly, the souls of men, even your soul all lay in a maze like, balancing act of divine translations., see more here,

What A Way To Go! I saw God, Dancing         

    No, physical death is referred to as the last enemy of man that will by it's Superior, Elohim, God, be destroyed, until then, human kind greatest weapon against physical death into the first resurrection stripping this authority has never been achieving the American Dream, this covert Antichrist just as cursed as they themselves. It's Christ, Jesus, the only Name, Blood Sacrifice made by God Himself, given under heaven whereby mankind can be saved, He alone, this surrender unto repentance, until a life apart from sin. Then, yeah thou we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and our number is up, Holy Angels await us to ascended us there to begin our eternity as His Heir, this Royal Priesthood. Though backsliders beware, this is only as we worship Christ according to His form of Righteousness, not anyone else's, Jesus' are those born again and unlikely sin, no straddling the fences of indecision.
     This is why I remind people we're all sitting on death roll, and when we think the punishment of a death penalty is so far from us, that's just ignorant, you have not so learn repentance to Jesus. Sitting on death roll as a malefactor or a true Christian, the question what have you done with the curse loan you from birth? Jesus asked us this, what will we do with death and dying, spend it as usual serving the world and die equally cursed to hell, or spend it cursed by mankind's rejection and mockery as we outreach Him, Jesus to the world; choosing the last, here dying, but rising Heir to His Kingdom with Him. Like those two thieves dying on alternate sides of Jesus, we've been found guilty by Adams blood lineage, so like those two thieves we have to decide who we're going to believe, is God doing the slaying or is God, temporarily for our eternal salvation being slain, and in only three days, God's Blessed Temple Rise again and all believers equally this Resurrection of the dead gone up to Him.

Suffer The Little, The Rod, (Christ Cross), And Bring Them To Me!

     You know a traffic light in a days time, tell you to stop as many times as it tell you to go; when I first told Darius Jr. this he didn't get it, I have grands who expect me to say yes so much they think its odd when I say no or stop, they get greatly offended, cruel when I do. The five year, god grandson say, I'm mean but only when I tell him no, or stop, with my children thinking I shouldn't tell them yes at, therefore I won't have to tell them no, which is totally ridiculous. Let me see them ask God to take on this concept of never telling them yes, churches would be as  empty as the rebellious hearts of men.
     I explain to him on the way to school this morning how saying no is not mean, its caring and to maintain order, everything you do at school is done in a certain order, by both the yeses and no's throughout. So I chance making him my enemy by righteously disciplining him, as Jesus said, command all guardians to suffer the little children, (endure their rejection, and mockery) and bring them to Him, (the TRUTH!).
     I said see this traffic light, no body want to stop at a red light nor a stop sign, but they have too, if all lights were green and there were no stop signs people would crash into each order, there would no order, only chaos. Then when you obey the command to stop or the dreaded rejection no, all for your help, you stay out of trouble, you stay safe, obedience toward what's righteous is a blessing, which is why children are told to obey parents, "in the Lord," as they won't steer them wrong.

Let My People Go! The Sunlight Of Heaven

     Do you Love me more? Jesus ask of Peter's insecurity still, so did I, do you, did I love what I thought was this precious child, a heinous distraction in disguised as all worldly things, more than growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ? You see, the over all purpose of Righteousness isn't just to seal our greatest of treasures, our souls therein, but all things on this planet we treasure, all that's life, love and the getting of celebrity has to be entrusted to them, despite how insignificant it is, Jesus said, if it offends you unto sin, get it away from you, sever all contact and ties, it's better to enter heaven maimed than to go into hell whole.
     This remind me, for the mass majority of his life, my cousin was a drug addict, now he was reaping this horror sown, he was dying, and as soon as I go word of it, I took Jesus right to him, last I saw him, he was showing himself injured, but into heaven he was entering.  You see for where a mans treasures are, there is also his Heart, no need pretending, your heart was designed to faithfully worship one of two things worldly treasures or a proposed reign in heaven, beyond anything temporary as this world, Jesus said any found lukewarm of this truth, would be spat out of His mouth, yet this cursed, soon cast into lakes of fires or outer darkness with them.
    So the biggest problems with  man's birth upon penalty of death is he doesn't really value his soul enough, he can't see it, feel it, nor is there any way to detect it, and only by God's word is there described to be such a thing, even that the soul that sin shall die, meaning having never repented, never surrendered all to Jesus let me say this as this finish. If you wake having made your bed in hell, and there no coming back for you, make sure it's because, like the unbelieving thief, instead mocking Jesus, you chose again, like him, not to believe of your own sincere heart and not because of someone else, hell is reaping of your own rejection, awake, be ware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM,

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