Friday, September 9, 2016

Our Brothers Keeper

Day Twenty-two, 09/09,"of the. "week," prophecy, 08/18, the countdown to Resurrection, Daniel final week of years, see

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     Like Watching Noah's Ark, a voice, "Mark 17 and 7," 2003, like the days of Noah, Mat. 24, Jesus, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993, "my people are being stripped," GOH, Apb

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There's something about a dream, regarding the setting of this 'ring of fire,' all round, on the map, even more proof, all rebellion is come to an end, 08/30/2016
      There's Something about again living on plantations, before be evacuated into closed borders of Mexico 07/16/2016
      Seen to be seeing Miya on Dunlap street where Obama at one time was, as so at a time, Lady Obama, meaning again, time has lapsed America into it's own evil works of oblivion, 08/18//2016

Occupied Territory               

An End, The End Hath Come, Summon The Fowls                         

People Of The Cross, By Selah,

     The message of this song so plain and wondrous, is that we knowingly made His Cross, our cross too, like as I sit here and minister to you there are those suffering unimaginably for their faith of Christ, see,, men, women, children, entire families, churches. It is said of most, when they die, when they're martyred for their faith, all they want from their slayers is that they too, though their martyrdom find it as a path, a strait gate to Jesus.
     I testified to you what I heard about a baptizer in a foreign, restricted land, how those who come to him; that's come to Jesus, all of us, know, we, they cannot return home, possibly why Jesus say, a man has no honor in his own country. They're even as these waters poured upon them made an out cast because of Jesus, Jesus tell us this, whatever was done to Him and even greater would be done upon all those following.
     So many believers, tribulation saints will be behead, they will actually have special centers just for this, deny Christ or be ascended to Him? Good question, what would Jesus do? If any man come after us, The People of the Cross, let him first deny himself, pick his cross, and follow us as we follow Jesus Christ, see here,,

Our Brother's Keeper

     When Holy Lords speak through you, which for me is a lot, you find yourself saying things you don't even know about, like having knowledge, revelation, even the wisdom of God before your mouth, your tongue, for example, declaring a Hussein would father this nation, 2003, just as bible prophecy and thought, that's crazy. After writing him many letters, I call myself explaining to then President Bush, well, the cause of those twin towers going down was there was no equalization of wealth, yeah I said that, well Holy Lords said it through me.
     I've said it plenty of times, God has destroyed many nations because of their mistreatment of the poor, He's just not going for it. So what do you get, or what do you reap Alex, when you horde all the world's wealth for thyself? You get a crying behind a silence in Heaven Holy beyond anything describable God, lamenting aloud, strip Americans, strip them like my servant Job, again reaping abominable wealth, charity and greed as has been for generations sown.

     Seen to be seeing America, Britain going in alternate directions, a voice, "America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces," see King Nebuchadnezzar, Obama's Administration, even Brexit, Apb

     Hark, there's a voice, 2004, "the antichrist will kill millions as millions, go broke," the stumbling block of the wealth of the wicked, no doubt. Not only forgetting God, but His People. Scripturally, God became flesh, dwell among us, took upon Himself the cross for all men now lost, loving the world this much. Now as to refute this, that to love our fellow man (see socialism), beyond ourselves, is not of this sacrificial God, clearly who or what has bewitched you? And I shall send them strong, delusions, that they might believe a lie, that they all might be damn who not in the love of the truth, but had their pleasures in unrighteous, GOH
.  My grands, all of them, are at times so distracted by these various technical devices, making and molding them into horrible monsters, see, II Tim. 3:1-5, that America's celebrity constantly curse upon them. The house could burn down all around them; fire alarms, fire truck sirens, neighbors all burn to death and they wouldn't even notice. This is what Jesus is as well forewarning, a world so distracted by mountainous meant for evil devices, these bedazzling innovations whereas unnoticeably as right now catastrophes are come and take them all away, thus the slow motion exodus.                         
One Era, New Factor

     What you all call a NWO, Holy Spirit 2003, per Bush wars called One Era/error unto a New Fear Factor, of course Clinton is dying. I told you I saw a death toll surrounding her and the west allying her reach far beyond the heavens above, like, see Hitler's Germany. Then Trump, you and I know if anyone beside him was talking about building a wall, yall wouldn't have it. Trumps wall to God is going to appear as Nimrods' Tower of Babel, equally rooted and grounded in Mystery Babylon, the great whore of religion, John saw sitting on many waters.
     Waters, meaning people, nations and kingdoms, only this is not the beginning of such rebelliousness. The end, the dead end as the Prophet Ezekiel would say, hasn't only come upon the four corners of America, but especially western civilization period. All with an active wine press of God said to run for 175 miles of avenged by God's wrath, of guilty blood, something John equally saw, told all believers to get out! Hark, I hear a voice, " God said, He, possibly His Wine Press, or your little horn, or both, "will kill millions," 2004. All I know the Wealth of the wicked is going on like they don't hear, see or allow biblical prophecy, yet they're shown by it, these thousands of years running and hiding.
     That's fitting into these specialized rocks, mountains and caves crying fall on them and hide them, meaning as they lead you all into insurmountable defiance of God's Come Kingdom Reign, (why do the heathen rage? Ps. 2), they supposedly have their hiding places fixed and ready. Though you and I know, if its not the ark of salvation, which is alone Jesus Christ, hiding from the inevitable is just ridiculous, "and I will send them strong delusions, that they might believe a lie." Apparently this is how angry our God at rebellious unbelief more so now than ever, have been ministered Christ for all of time, got Him, got Jesus yet?
     There is predicted a death toll upon American soil prophesied to be in the tens of millions, that's even as I write and you read, its been prophesied of God's grace by many people, though by this ministry, for thirty years. Soon given an exact timetable Christmas 2001, for 15.10, then cataclysms, so much so only Jesus Reign can then follow, so what 2016 election? The Obama administration 2008, believe to be a prelude to an Islamic reign, was given a time table of the 15.10 years intrepid judgement, then cataclysmic disasters, where a prophetic Islamic to Antichrist reign will follow, for seven years more, all the more evidence, the "week," prophecy, 08/18/ is genuinely a count down to Daniel's seventieth week of years, then come Jesus' millennium.
     Hence the dream regarding the penny store whereas even the poor could no longer afford, having taking advantage of God's Grace and His Anointed for so long, godliness has lost it's value. Now is come this beyond anything mankind is to imagined, nor ever again, of Jesus calling His up, beyond the skies, heart gripping to mouth gaping awe reminder. Truly what did I see? As this unpronounced rescue, reminded we're to look, not to man, as his help is vain, but to the hills, I'd left this sizable abandonment by man, sorely cast down in my spirit, when I began to look skyward.
     Even as I did, peer off in a high, bright sun, just as I did, it, this sunlight began it's descent, it began to change, to mutate and metamorphose right before my crying eyes. Well, until just as soon, I was looking at a diamond carved, Crystal Dove, so gigantic as to block out the skies above; no doubt snatching us up into what the prophet Malachi describes as the healing wings of the sunlight of God, and here shall we forever be with the Blessed Lord Christ.
    This miraculous description will bring better revelations to being told to fret not, the mid nineties, although Holy Spirits were showing me a being released right out of the earth victorious rider of death that would come, regardless of Christ's Cross, he was to target abominations and detestations upon the lives, lands and churches of the people for they have forsaken God, so this is why there are guns in the churches, in the homes, in the schools, there is no longer a worship of godliness in he land, though fret not, Jesus has reign! Awake, be aware as God, Himself, Apb, the RAM,

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