Friday, September 2, 2016

Till We Meet At Jesus' Feet

Day Fifteen, 09/02, of the week prophecy, 08/18, this count down to resurrection, see more here,

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                      

     -Jesuis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, Hope Amid Chaos, in Yemen, Christians face intense persecution from militant groups, such as al-Qaida, but they also face persecution from their Muslim neighbors. In June 2016, Muslims interrupted a small church gathering and beat up all of the men, sending many to the hospital. Despite this and other incidents of persecution, one believer said these difficulties are “encouraging believers to build the family altar.”
     -Although local Christians must be careful about sharing their faith, many say the war has taken some of the pressures off their community. As a result, believers are becoming more united as they share resources and to meet together to pray and worship. Their Muslim neighbors are taking note of this love and peace, and asking why Muslims kill while Christians show mercy.
     -More Muslims are coming to Christ, too. A local ministry leader said, “Every two or three days we discover a new believer.” see more here, also see,

Prophecy Links

     There's something about a dream, regarding the setting of this 'ring of fire,' all round, on the map, even more proof, all rebellion is come to an end, 08/30/2016
      There's Something about again living on plantations, before be evacuated into closed borders of Mexico 07/16/2016
      Seen to be seeing Miya on Dunlap street where Obama at one time was, as so at a time, Lady Obama, meaning again, time has lapsed America into it's own works of oblivion, 08/18//2016
Jesus is coming, Jesus is on he way, 02/17/2015     

Till We Meet Again. At Jesus' feet                                  

     -Till we me at Jesus's Feet, God Be With You, another one of Selah's Song, surely those reading behind me know what transformation I'm most reminded of. Standing on Mount Olivet, at first seeming to kneel as to kiss Jesus' feet, only secondly realizing, I, well the Bride has arrived with Jesus there, as His second coming and laid to memory is the air is so cool and crisp up there. The mount of Olives, where Jesus taught, where His Disciples witness His descent, where Angels promised, would be His phenomena return. Evenly where the prophet Zechariah witness as the first place Jesus sat His Feet upon His Return to the earth, the Mount Of Olives, Daniel's final week now fulfilled.
    -I'm right this moment, as I use the descriptive transformation, I'm so stun, here reminded of Jesus' own transformation, having taken disciples Peter, John and James his brother, and brought them to the top of a very high mountain. Jesus was transformed in front of them, His face is said to have shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as light. Ah my God, right this second after testifying of a similar demonstration for years, I'm right here, reminded of what I was brought to see.
     Of what I testified of seeing doing a visit to celebration there, God's Throne. How at the first there was this appearance as one is brought as to stand before a mountain, and just as soon, a brilliant light, just as mighty as the sun did appear and spoke, and I quote, "let my people go!" Understand, I never realized until now, that's after years of testifying how very similar these testimonies, truly Holy Father is always the same, "blessed is HE who come in the Name of the Lord, Elohim,", also see, Mat. 17

O Blessed, Blessed Twilight                                           

     And His feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the East, and the mount of olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a vey great valley and half of the mountains shall remove toward the north and half of it toward the south. (the first phrase refers to Christ actually standing on the Mount Of Olives, which will be His landing point at the second coming, his fulfilling the prediction of the two angels, at his ascension, {Acts 1:10-11, JSM},

     “And the Mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, actually speaks of a great topographical change, which Israel will use at that hour to escape the anti-Christ, with every road blocked, the Lord will make an opening through the very center of the mountain, as he open a path through the red sea.
     “And there will be a very great valley, refers to the escape route of Israel, , and half of the mountain will remove toward the north and half of it toward the south, refers to the wall of rock on either side of escaping Israel, which makes it similar to the wall of water on either side when Israel escaped Egypt. JSM) {Praise be to the Heavenly Host, I’ve been to this mountain top and I’m not saying this as a metaphor, when I first realized, it was as though I was kneeling at Jesus feet, as to kiss his feet, when just as soon I was brought forward at realizing I (the church-bride I represented), was actually standing with him atop this mountain, the mount of Olivet, as He made ready to come into the battle of Armageddon, and what I remember most of all was how clear and crisp the air (oxygen) was up there.”Apb.}

 Awareness, Prepardedness Month                 

     Though I've ministered the prophesied these thousands of years first resurrection of the Bride that will itself be a form of world catastrophe for those left here, Christ very blood deeming Her this worthy; as remarkably, I've never ministered against one being prepared for the worse that is to come. This month of September is said to be awareness, preparedness month, possibly the most important thing to receive or be forewarn of the US Presidential Administration ever, although explaining why I'm posting here, from Alex Jones stores. I have nine grands, so most of my husband and I preparations was especially for them, again here, this store, one way to have said preparations all said and done for you, even by professionals.
    It was after Holy Spirits showed the antichrist just plowing over everything and everybody, this unstoppable, slaughtering millions; just you know, being killed by the antichrist won't be the worse that can happen. Those repentant here, death just mean transformation into an ascension to Jesus is considered a blessing, no, it's getting marked by the beast, the only thing worse is hell itself. Meaning there will then remain no other salvation for you, so as I was saying, it was when I was shown this mighty reign of antichrist. Otherwise beginning, I was just as soon shown the Glorified Bride now reigning in Heaven, all prepared to release the stone made, cut out, without hands.
     There are those who refer to this specialty stone, Dan. 2, as the come Kingdom of God, yes, and no, it's actually that stunning beyond, without description reign of Christ Jesus, come first. Concurrently, I witnessed Christ's Reign follow Hussein Obama, meaning this at present 2016. There is only way this could be possible, it's that the next world rule on this planet is by the final week of Daniel. Not mistaken, having cataclysmically removed America, and all allying this holocaust maker out of the way, just as I described, 2001-2017, explaining why I witness now at the lost 190 years nothing but the dust of America this remain.
     -I then witness that to reign was both an Israeli/Islamic reign, (see Medes and Persians, see Hamath, see Dan. 9), until 3 and a half years therein, when their own evil son overthrow them to reign as  god himself. Alone, what will then be an additional 3 and a half years, again fulfilling Daniel's week, and seeing to the end of all things rebellious men, into Christ's Rule. I know this description of prophetic happenings seem as though it's on repeat, but Holy Spirits does this to portray without end it's urgency. This is why Holy Spirits showed John those unnumbered of the wounded, persecuted and martyred come out of great tribulation, having costly refused the mark, now having their robes washed and made white by the Blood of the Lamb, are you on of them, or where you resurrected seven years prior?
    Those the antichrist overcome, but couldn't defeat, Jesus alone having this victory and before His coming to rescue the Righteous Bride unto the marriage supper, hath He sat down at His Father's Right Hand until all rebellion is now made His Footstool. I was shown something similar when the rapture was demonstrated upon me, that I witness a church in the midst made the holiest of Jesus Christ all by the greatest of tribulations. A mightier overcomer, no doubt crying aloud, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, that you know your labor (greatest of sacrifices),  is not in vain, in the Lord. 
     Hence, reading behind a resident lately whose life and living was totally devastated by the last Louisiana flooding. I read as he described crying uncontrollably, I couldn't help thinking to myself. You all know, how that was the same reaction of the Supreme Father, doing my prayer closet, shown behind a silence in heaven, weeping uncontrollably. That's how his people were dying, how they were being stripped of everything HIS Christ brought them, behold how HE would strip their leaders, (overseers), as in the day they were born, things seen temporal, things not see, eternal, thus set all your treasures in heaven, Awake, be aware as God, Himself, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

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