Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Mercy Of Abraham's Bosom

Day Nineteen, of the "week," prophecy, 08/18, this count down to resurrection, Apb, see www.2016jesusisthe spiritofprophecy.blogspot.com

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                               

     -Jesuis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, Hope Amid Chaos, in Yemen, Christians face intense persecution from militant groups, such as al-Qaida, but they also face persecution from their Muslim neighbors. In June 2016, Muslims interrupted a small church gathering and beat up all of the men, sending many to the hospital. Despite this and other incidents of persecution, one believer said these difficulties are “encouraging believers to build the family altar.”
     -Although local Christians must be careful about sharing their faith, many say the war has taken some of the pressures off their community. As a result, believers are becoming more united as they share resources and to meet together to pray and worship. Their Muslim neighbors are taking note of this love and peace, and asking why Muslims kill while Christians show mercy.

     -More Muslims are coming to Christ, too. A local ministry leader said, “Every two or three days we discover a new believer.” see more here, http://www.persecution.com/public/newsroom.aspx?story_ID=%3d383139&featuredstory_ID=%3d353434 also see, www.crucified2015.blogspot.com

Prophecy Links

     There's something about a dream, regarding the setting of this 'ring of fire,' all round, on the map, even more proof, all rebellion is come to an end, 08/30/2016
      There's Something about again living on plantations, before be evacuated into closed borders of Mexico 07/16/2016
      Seen to be seeing Miya on Dunlap street where Obama at one time was, as so at a time, Lady Obama, meaning again, time has lapsed America into it's own works of oblivion, 08/18//201

The Mercy Of Abraham's Bosom    

     Christians going to hell, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oh3M5EQWXQ, well to be true, Christian can't go to hell, only those claiming Christianity and that by millions worshiping Satan,  seem to be the overall reason for hell regularly enlarging itself. I like to think of every dream, vision, word, and demonstration of hell as the mercy of Abrahams Bosom. Seen here, Luke 16:19-31, as Jesus describes the rich man worship at the gaining of wealth for godliness, a mighty curse all the time, request, as a mercy of Abraham's bosom now caring after the beggar no longer, that his loved ones be forewarn.
     It was as though the phone just went out, or he'd like an Ananias or Sapphire his wife grieving the holy Spirit, like them, simply died. Well here lately when she, my closet of relatives called to apologize for doing me the greatest misjudgment, ah I've never heard such vulgarity, such absurd accusations launched at me. I immediately I told her, walking in a spirit of forgiveness, you need to apologize to God, for I am His Anointed. They answered how they had done that, not questioning what I said, because for as long as they've known me, I've by my surrender, (see long suffering), and Holy Spirits, see Christ's Cross, it's intervention, carried myself as God's Anointed.
      I need you to realized how painfully without comprehension it was not only for this person to fall on their knees and tell God they're sorrow, that's one miraculous thing. Though to go on and do this toward a person they'd completely wronged, this is that just as miraculous, you see the two great greatest commandments isn't only that we love God tremendously, but our neighbor, our fellow man, just as ourselves.  There is asked a question, who can we love who we haven't seen, and hate our brethren whom we have seen, there is no love of God, and hatred toward our follow man.
     This end time Apostle is telling you, only by a death to the flesh, even if temporary can or would a person ever do this, explaining Holy Spirit declaring, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, cursed.  As I was saying, this other person, now three years and counting, the one an unholy spirit, posing as a soft spoken woman, purposely to denote innocence, deeming him worthless, having knees that were broken. Well, what I said to him, this lying, adulterer, now you can add abandonment to that list, we, as in husband and wife, a blessed covenant with God, hesitating not I said, we haven't done anything that can't be forgiven, he felled so silent.
     It was as though he felled dead, wish he had, heartfelt prayer, repentance, it would've instantly transformed him into the best servant of God and husband in this world, knees, pride turn rebellion, now all healed, the divine work of Holy Spirits. This is where mass assembly has lost it's purpose after the souls of men gone on like the world to worship celebrity and the gaining of men's honorary attention, all with Jesus asking, what shall it profit, this constant gaining of the world since Nimrod's Tower only to lose sight of the immortal soul, eternal life.

The Mercy Seat

     Caden told me sadly , they told me I'm not baptized, not the first time he's told me this, first, what God has cleansed, (Mankind/Women), thou are not to call unclean. Their problem, like the religious leaders hearing Jesus verbally forgive sin, and calling it blasphemy, they've not so learn Christ/Holy Spirit.  Jesus hath come and  there would be no more of His People by this wickedness called religion, even politics, even Rome, treated with cruelty even if you could for a million years believe it, disguised as mercy, you are of your Father, the devil, repent or perish. 
     Caden was baptized at home, after I ministered Jesus clearly to him, he prayed and received Jesus as Lord, comprehending, it all, I baptized him in likeness to his belief of Christ. I said before I knew it, they, religion, told Jesus, He wasn't the Son of God, even accused Him of having a demon. This is the conversation Jesus is having with the forbidden woman of Samaria, cast off from their more precious than the souls of men temple. Their long awaited Messiah, meaning hundreds of years they've been expecting him, scripture by scripture study His by a virgin birth, appearing. Now standing before them, reminding them what Holy Spirit and God's Temple is actually for, or being position, a leader over his people period, that's period, all overseeing beware.
     I was sitting in mass assembly this day, having for years of it, amazing testimonies of Christ, an unknown tongue going on and on in my head, on and on, when just as soon. Well I heard Holy Spirits say, the same as Jesus that day, actually quoting the prophet Isaiah, "the spirit of the Lord is upon you, for he Hath anointed you to preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance unto the captives and the recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord, possibly 2024/5, it is not the whole (self righteous, religion, mass assembly),  that need a physician, but those who are sick, (confessing sin, repenting, growing into Christ, Christ's  Cross, if any of these things offend you unto sin, healing, cut them all from you.
     Just all of the above, meaning Churchians and Christians, like Jesus and the Religious leaders, will never be friends, one dark Spirited, One Holy Spirit. Soon with Sweet Jesus assuring her, the forbidden woman of Samaria, don't worry, one day there won't be one stone left upon another, spirit and truth is the authentic worthy, for God knoweth the way of the righteous but the way of the ungodly, shall, has since the first Adam's, fall, perished. Now the blessed truth, death is, Jesus died, nailing all these false accusations to His cross, so we now worship God, not by churches, congregations and preachers preaching, not by tithes, choirs and offerings, which have a show of worship, whose original worth is having Jesus as our heart and our head. 
     There is no way Minister Caden, I call him,  just turn seven, forewarn, well his generation regarding a now come occupied America, see here, http://beforeitsnews.com/self-sufficiency/2016/09/alert-usa-the-martial-law-is-coming-end-of-2016-100-chance-it-will-happen-2016-nwo-2508965.html, could've known the importance of a failed cease fire concerning especially Syria, from which the final Antichrist will appear unless he was anointed upon by Holy Spirits, now since he was an infant.   
     God, the Holy Spirit honors belief and that lasting worship faith, more than anything, without faith it is impossible to please God, lament the author of Hebrews. For those who look to HIM, must believe HE is, and that HE is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM, meaning further the prayers of the righteous, profit is divine intervention. It's why Jesus admonished us to pray in His Name, how asking we would receive, seeking we would find, how knocking a door would be open, would be revealed to us.
     Ezekiel 's Judah, America and the Free Word sinful comparison, lost in mounting idolatry, instead said, regarding HIS Priceless Intervention, the LORD, seeth us not, the LORD, is ascended from the earth, (mass rebellion). The Lord who know our tongue before we speak, who know our blood even as it's penetrating along every organ, every fiber of our being, where our sayings and works are all marked down, there is no greater God, Love or Mercy, worship Him.
      This is why Jesus describes Himself as a concern one, knocking on the door of gravely distracted from Him, supposedly their own blessed Savior, of religious assembly. Even threatening to kill their children except they repent, He, Jesus, even the mention of His name alone, is the strait gate leading to an adoption, unto an heirship to God's Kingdom Come. Having made an open show of this masked apostasy nailing it to His cross, they thought they were killing him, when they were finishing His work as this world's Savior, destroy this Temple, and in three days, so instead he was demolishing them. Clearly, Ask Saul of Tarsus, once their greatest weapon again Christianity now turn to Holy Spirit, the Apostle Paul, their greatest fear and defeat, again I say hallelujah!
     Unforgiveness, that is what people having demonstrations of hell witness as this greatest of offense, even transgression against Christ's Cross, even after years of ministry, by their unforgiveness, they end up here, the greatest of Judgment ever, forever.  I mean how can you deny this, Christ Cross rooted and grounded in forgiveness? Especially, when Jesus is forgiving His enemies as they're running nails all through him, when He explained to His Disciples none would know them except they showed love, (forgiveness).
     knowing all men by their hearts work, without it, Jesus forgiveness here, His Phenomena love, Cross it profit us nothing, landing all the dead, before the Cross and here since, awaiting sentencing that can only arrive them, the gates of hell, now by the million's  seen there,  which beyond is a lake, which burneth with fire, all unrepentant finding their place there, instead we hear, how it is He alone who has by His Own Blood gotten us the victory once sitting at Holy Father's Right Hand, now tearing through the clouds after the righteous Bride, His, and Their enemies, now made His Footstool, Awake, be  as aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see also, www.2016maaseiahadonai.blogspot.com  

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