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Day Seventeen, 09/04, of the "week," prophecy, 08/18, a countdown to resurrection, see

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                      

      Jesuis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, Hope Amid Chaos, in Yemen, Christians face intense persecution from militant groups, such as al-Qaida, but they also face persecution from their Muslim neighbors. In June 2016, Muslims interrupted a small church gathering and beat up all of the men, sending many to the hospital. Despite this and other incidents of persecution, one believer said these difficulties are “encouraging believers to build the family altar.”
     Although local Christians must be careful about sharing their faith, many say the war has taken some of the pressures off their community. As a result, believers are becoming more united as they share resources and to meet together to pray and worship. Their Muslim neighbors are taking note of this love and peace, and asking why Muslims kill while Christians show mercy.
More Muslims are coming to Christ, too. A local ministry leader said, “Every two or three days we discover a new believer.” see more here, also see,

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     There's something about a dream, regarding the setting of this 'ring of fire,' all round, on the map, even more proof, all rebellion is come to an end, 08/30/2016
      There's Something about again living on plantations, before be evacuated into closed borders of Mexico 07/16/2016
      Seen to be seeing Miya on Dunlap street where Obama at one time was, as so at a time, Lady Obama, meaning again, time has lapsed America into it's own works of oblivion, 08/18//2016


      Now Be Be and Ce Ce Winans, I fell in love with them when they were an unstoppable sister and brother duet, it's their song, simply entitled 'Grace." I know this kind of brotherly love affection. My brother Hudson and I when we were young stayed together so much, not only did people think we were twins, they thought we were Siamese, no kidding. Now and for years of it, we hardly speak, we've gone our own way, marriage, children, careers, Jesus Christ happening to one and not the other. I mean, if you really fear abandonment more than serving God, Jesus your heart within it all, then as Jesus forewarn in the beginning those loving this life, (death unto the second death), can't follow Him, heartily, mean you're accursed, damnation and hell.
      I will profess I never knew them, despite the normality of the works of the flesh, these attempts to climb up to Him, other than by costly sacrifices I remind you, He has already endured for them, He Jesus has overcome this evil world, by His Stripes, you truly are healed. When Jesus describes being Born Again, and Holy Spirits by Apostles Epistles truly treating it like a live, new birth only from condemn flesh to freshly new temples of God. Well, to Elohim, the only ground-ups on this planet that's to claim maturity are those who're dead, that's laid in flesh and laid to the dust, for only then is their this greatest of harvest of souls, only then are you a New Adam, both male and female, both husband and wife, everything other binary adherence accursed.
     I was passing along the house this day, this five bedroom, fully furnace, measured in incalculable blood loan, house of it and all around me were my sons, daughters and an unnumbered of grands. Understand, all now living with me, and, but their spirits, they admired God only with desires of accomplishing American dreaming, but their hearts, their hearts were far from Him, Jesus, he only ways, truth and the life, and I just couldn't. I could no longer be an accomplice to people who lived deliciously off of God's Grace, his unmerited favor, that even while He's rejected by so many, He, Jesus has still died for them, but by their works of unrighteousness worship Satan, don't be alarmed, this wasn't the first I'd been at the fork road of such indecision
      My soon to be husband Mack, and his sharing this single scripture, one reminding all of us we're born sin, we live it, it's our heart and thus our blood lineage, and if we don't repent, it not only prevents God from us, and us from God, how horrifying, its off into hell with so many others. Admittedly, it felt like a branding iron to the heart, lamenting aloud, now the property, now this servant/Apostle of Jesus Christ. While, the Apostle Paul described it, the truth of God, as a two edge sword. Now a better wife, mother, neighbor and friend standing in my kitchen, having got my children off to school, all ready to walk out the door off to a local college.
     Only the last months, not only is their Jesus appearing to me,  holy spirits writing their words, truth, wisdom like right into me, mind, heart soul, revelations and visitations, and I'm like, well it's like in one hand of taxing indecision, is a book of American History and in he other, the Canons of the Genesis and last but now least, stay and be a churchian or leave and be a Christian? This was the difference between the baby I worship beyond description, and the mature me, whose neglect because of this baby's worship was deleting, dying and ceasing to be with every heart beat of this precious one, this highly purposed after temporal life, why are you caring for that child, (babying the flesh, this curse), its suppose to be dead?

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     Seem to be on a visitation to heaven, 2013, seem to have the heavenly host, humankinds first ever love describe how they can't wait to join me, us, the Bride, Hallelujah I Say
Day Seventeen, 09/04 of the "week," prophecy, 08/18, the countdown into resurrection, see

From A Five Bedroom To A Backpack and A Cart

     Remember, return, repent, was Jesus' lament some sixty years into the early church unveiling God's revelations and yes He's talking to them, those who by their corrupt works showing themselves more Churchians, (Carnal, works of the flesh),  than Christian (Christ's Cross, Holy Spirit). The wind bloweth where you listeth and no man can tell from whence it come, so are all of those, Jesus said to Nicodemus inquiring of him, born of the Spirit. Although being a student of God's Laws all his life, little did they comprehend God's Holy Spirit. Wisdom undoubtedly rooted so gloriously therein.
     I yet hear their teacher baring aloud, unknowingly sounding like religious leaders at Jesus, God made the laws they had to obey them or die. Elohim God, also made Lucifer, but like him, God's laws in the hands of wicked, hearten men had become something God did not intend, like just yesterday, seeing what to God are abominations, a man proposing marriage to another man, while the entire congregation loan them a sanding ovation so reaping condemnation this ruination had been destroying God's people for centuries.  
     After ministering God's righteousness to me for weeks and weeks and making me so angry with him, he then turn a scripture and read this to me. If I regard iniquity in my heart, the lord will not hear me," see Psalm 66:18 Possibly why further in scripture is described how the prayers of the righteous, availeth much, the difference, praying as Christ, praying having abandon Him, meaning all you're getting is a deaf ear from him. I guess the gulf is satisfied, finally a hurricane, one name Hermine, said to be messing up especially Americans end of summer vacation plans.
     Straightly know, this, disasters one after another like death and dying  isn't the anomaly here, not since the curse in the beginning has it ever been, Rather, its people living their lives this normalcy bias, even convinced it's not gonna happen to them, next they know. Well normally, if Jesus wasn't on His Way here, just sitting the heavens like 6000 miles, off, until not one second is left of the church age, though before, these reckless people and yes this include living the American dream. Just think how many people are cripple in one form or another, how many men, women and children are sick, how many millions and counting are dead and equally threaten as they live this Russian Roulette of routine vaccinations?
     Only now, and suddenly as without warning, of jus knowing it couldn't happen, though they've had plenty warning, like 2000 years, right now they're  looking at Jesus and Jesus is looking at them, admitting this has happen to me plenty, he'll send some back this witness, but to be completely sincere, though most by their spirits rising to God who gave it, they are looking at Jesus, something I tease upon my grandchildren, whenever they place themselves in danger being disobedient, even rebellious toward god fearing, righteous parents, grands, and over seers, truth is, most souls awake in hell, some have been there yes, these six thousands years and counting, as so there are those opening up their eyes there right now, yes, right this very second, (
     They, the rebellious now cursed, will wait there unto the great white throne judgement, it's souls final settlement, now the entirety of Jesus' Millennium.  This is why this apostle has for years called it, the immortal (Christ's Cross), that mortals (condemn flesh), forgot, so herein is now this dispensation upon another, for generations, centuries and millenniums, just this scorch trial of it, having God's prophetic fulfilling having reached it's end, beginning with the most titanic, even bohemian even of all curses, to satanic, to demonic illusions of them all, even his great whore of religion, 2001-2017. 0\That's is since Daniel witness the iron teeth of it commanded to go forth and devour much flesh, since the end time apostle saw it 2003, portrayed as a build up far and wide of torture vehicle, even the awarding of apostate wedding rings described as dirty Mede.
     Only now we're looking at the pale horse finale of it and all so frightfully, it isn't alone, but hell, meaning the second death, even soul death, said to be eternity in hell, tossed into a lake of fire. Jesus gave us better revelations, first when he described the death of an idolatrous one, making mammoth and not God, his treasure, love and worship now crying aloud toward Abraham's bosom, (paradise of God, a gulf, or a firmament of protection in the regions of hell until a victorious Jesus, lead all captivity captured into heaven with him, so again Abraham's bosom long ascended to heaven. Though if I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord Father, can't hear me, isn't just what happen to him, but billions upon billions through, terrifyingly portrayed to me as God placing his throne with His Back into them.
     Though then, per Jesus ' parable, this now damned one cried first of his tortures, and soon, of his worries, that one be appointed to forewarn his family, now if you want an explanation of why outreach regarding a Holy God Kingdom's Come outreach has gone out for so long, Abraham told this sorely tortured one, and as I sit here, Holy Spirits this witness I can't bear even imagining it, let alone speaking of it, see, those tossed into fiery fires, worms and the gnashing of the teeth of it. Only now this sore ailing one was told there was none, that if his family didn't listen to the many sent to them, now 2000 years later of this. This relentless, seeming without end of the foolishness of preaching, if they, if you didn't heed them, then sadly without description their fate was the same as his. Equally, a testimony of Jesus Christ since before His Cross and own miraculous Resurrection to Ascension, now on to hers, presented without spot or wrinkle, got Him, got Jesus yet.
     If we say we hath not sin, we lie, my five year old god-grandson, was sitting in the floor just now raping, when all of a sudden the filthiest and most offensive of slain and curse words flew off his tongue. Not only where we shocked into awe, you should have seen the surreal look on his own face, he could not believe those words came from him. It was proof of things I tell them, and have lived now thirty years, that make them so angry, even cruel at me, thanking God for His Whole Armor you see. This horror for him and us, was all proof, whatever you eat, drink, hear and see right into your body, your mind and heart is gonna come out. Whatever you toss into the heavens is gonna come down, whatever you bury into earth, will bring forth a harvest good or bad, like it or not. It has been this way since Elohim, God speaking to a Genesis of the Human Being said and I repeat, the earth being tremendous with chaos, "let their be light!" Awake, be aware as God Himself, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM 

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