Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And The Books Where Open!

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     Seen to be seeing, demonstrated upon by a manner of divine census taking, that regarding the great gathering of saints, a night, a visit upon whose to be in that number  01/29/2016

     -So my grandson Caden six, come for me, say there's something in his moms room I need to see, I go, I look all round and I'm like what? He simply point toward the Television and there is a report about Syria and this potential cease fire and soon he leave out. Like here, the Syrian Army, although they're to agree to a ceasefire they're saying they're to target whatever terrorist they like, whatever terrorist installations. I know it’s like the white horse, a bow but no arrow, trying to bring about peace with wars and rumors still. I know you wonder how did a six year old know this, because all his life he's been anointed upon and affected by his Apostle of Christ grandmother.  
     -I start laughing, I'm like where did Syria get that kind of power? I'm laughing because I know, this is God, it’s God proving He alone is God. It's Bush and company executing Saddam Hussein and God placing one in the White House for a total of two weeks and seven years, now expired. It's even Obama in mad company executing Col. Gaddafi, only to delay a United States of Africa, that's Islam replacing western civilization by 2017, for it's next 7 years,  it's proposed by God's wrath, deletion. . It’s what I said in the beginning, time I witness Russia allying Syria, I said this is for the purpose of bringing about the false peace regarding the seventieth year of Daniel. Meaningfully, the end of mankind solving their problems casting holocaust after holocaust; all with Saudi Arabia and Russia threating nuclear war, all again for the purpose of the fulfillment of end time bible prophecy.
     -This is again what the Angel Gabriel discussed with me, 2004, all with a seventh angel judgment pending, crying aloud, the Kingdoms of men have become the kingsdoms of God and His Christ and they shall reign forever, see Daniel, 2nd chapter, explaining this very thing to King Nebuchadnezzar, thousands of years ago. Further Gabriel 2004 explaining why it is instead of another American President following Obama, I witness Christ's reign rule over all of it, just as been prophesied about it, these six thousands years since the first Adam, awake! Beware, Apb, see more here, www.onereign2008.blogspot.com www.theseventhnumber14.blogspot.com www.theseventhangel15.blogspot.com www.2016thepalehorse92ad2001ad.blogspot.com