Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bone Of My Bone, Flesh Of My Flesh, She Shall Be Called Woman

     Day Twenty-four, 09/11," of the. "week," prophecy, 08/18, the countdown to Resurrection, Daniel final week of years, see

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                     

     Jesuis (I Am, We Are), Jesus Christ, if you are a Christian, Michael Sydner/Infowars, ISIS wants to kill you. Earlier this month, a man named Abu Musab al-Barnawi announced that he had taken over the infamous Boko Haram organization. And his first message as Boko Haram’s leader was as clear as it was concise—on his watch, the group’s main focus will be killing Christians.
     According to an interview published this month by the self-proclaimed Islamic State group (ISIS), al-Barnawi threatened to bomb churches and kill Christians, but will no longer attack places used by Muslims.
     During the interview, Abu Musab al-Barnawi went on to say that his organization will be “booby-trapping and blowing up every church that we are able to reach, and killing all of those who we find from the citizens of the cross.”     There are millions upon millions of Christians in Nigeria and in other African nations where Boko Haram is active. Let us hope and pray that Boko Haram is not able to carry out the types of attacks that they are now promising.     And of course it isn’t just in Africa that Christians need to be concerned. The latest issue of the official ISIS magazine called “Dabiq” is urging Muslims in the western world to copy the recent church attack in France…  see more here,
Apostles Note: No Christians Allowed, Anywhere!
     This forewarning, this soon to be prophetic great falling away is possibly indicative of the vicious beast I witness 2014, stomping and chomping it's way from the pulpits to the pews that were sorely vacant. Most westernized churches are not this serious about Jesus, they'll sacrifice their time so  many hours a day for Sunday Services, but actually laying their lives on the line, children and all. No, it's deem the great falling away because churches would be as empty as my bill fold these thirty years of ministry, beware, repent or perish! Apb,

     Like Watching Noah's Ark, a voice, "Mark 17 and 7," 2003, like the days of Noah, Mat. 24, Jesus, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993, "my people are being stripped," GOH, Apb
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     A Voice, "Give Me Twelve," 08/18/2016, as in twelve slayers, as is being described by the prophet Ezekiel, 9th chapters, hearing God, calling forth six slayers, now measuring 12, beware, Apb

Five Are Fallen, And One Is, Seen Islamic Reign, Ten Head  

I Look To You!

    I look to you, as performed by a flawless appearing Whitney Houston, is such a stunning video, I always tell my grands, if she'd actually looked to Him, God, and lost, as in surrendered all things accordingly. All that's life, love and treasures sealed away from any transgressor in heaven, even one's own failing self, needing to be pound into the dust. No, people, especially those of the so labeled free world, they have a hard time seeking out and actually longing to have a personal relationship with God, you may ask why is that? They, their offspring sadly have all grown mighty
accustomed to trusting the world and the wicked world, ruled by Satan is an enemy to God, and whatsoever is an enemy to God, is equally an enemy to mankind.
    I was watching a movie with my grands lately and after being in it for so long, I said and I repeat here, its bad children don't know how to pray, not only don't know how to pray but to pray, that prayers of the faithful actually change things, bring Angels to the rescue. You can say, having a healthy prayer life is the beginning, the very root and seal of having or putting on the whole armor of God. Jesus tell us, and teach us, God know what we have need of, to ask in His name and receive accordingly. Though it's literally impossible, yet is it probable, non praying parents will have praying children, children, like their parents are as their overseers, reaping what's sown, it's only natural.
     So like most of these songs, their lyrics and breathtaking performances, man is cursed with being unable to practice what they think, believe, trust and sing, it's as tinkling brass, musical, even entertaining, but empty, useless. There is a saying about having water everywhere, even oceans of it, but not a drop to drink, meaning though it's eyes catching, it's all as contaminated as unrepentant man, and just as deadly.
     All around us are some of the most beyond description of performing nature's art, that leave us as empty as they temporally mesmerized us, hence as vacant as we're fulfilled. As Jesus taught the woman of Samaria, until we're filled up of the Water, the Bread the Meat that never perisheth, all things on this earth despite how they impress us, even phenomenally fill us, without divine intervention, horridly we're made just as desperate, as hallow as the passing wind or the leaf tumbling therein, Beware, Apb
     The Man Ought Not Be Alone, For She Is Taken From Man

     "That's Brave just it, bible prophecy is being fulfilled so exactly I just told Kadesh you can turn to the book of revelation for world to breaking news, right now." As one digging hurriedly into his delicious breakfast plate, even a sip of his juice glass, a glance at the time, "I mean not only can he move mountains and split them in two for Israel's rescue. He Brave is the mountain from which the sunshine spoke first to an escaping Moses, then to Her Brave, her, I don't, the now escaping Bride, as she stood oblivious before His Majesty, speaking aloud, "let my people go," ah Kadesh grandmother, Sia Juttah told him this, ...this, this omelet is really good, thanks Brave to the quads.  Just think, the highest hills is where we're to direct our hope for there He is riding on the clouds of glory, no one and nothing preventing him from getting to her, the Princess Bride, the marriage Supper Hath made itself ready.  I think we need to get the marriage annulled, I'm sorry," a stun one cutting a keen ear her way, astonishing Beethoven Fifth beyond imaging, did tears trigger down and around with her this witness of his wiping meticulously. "I don't understand, why are you saying that to me, this? For me, what we have besides our blessed Lord is everything to me! With his urgent response raised into her grabbing her plate and exiting the table, his wiping additionally, could he not believe what he was hearing. "Hey, hey," as a distraught one coming upon her as to tidy up before getting to classes. "Hey, you can't say something like that and just walk off, I did, and I did, what, why, why are you being so mean? I didn't want this remember? Everybody else did, so you married me to make both of us miserable, is that what you're saying, you're not going to even try? I have tried, ok, I have, you try living with someone, with some. One. what? With someone, what Brave, please I need to know, and that's the problem," as one angrily swatting her tearing face, speeding off away, what in God's name was she trying to say, why was she so hurt? "You don't want to be here, you don't like being mine, spending our time in the Septennial together, is that what you're saying? No," as one fitting thick strands behind her head, down her back, the look of a pretty little Indian girl, but so much more. "Ok, no, then my god wife what? You call me wife, but you treat me as a friend, I can feel you, it's like our hearts are one and the same, burning blood and all, every since you acceptable my proposal, and entered the juttah covenant. Yes! Good, I feel it too, we belong to each other, only there is Brave an indecision there, right there betwixt us and instead of you allowing me, to, to, you know, you keep building a better restraints. Like just now, you just tore out my heart and walk away like its nothing, so I'm to force you, wrestle you down and take you, this hateful. You won't let me near you and you ask me why I won't come near you, do you know how confusing and irritating that is? I mean why do you hate me so much, even now? I don't, I, I don't hate you, I'm, I, I don't know how to do what you're saying, how to let, how to climb over, or break down this barrier. I think I need your help, I mean just saying that is like swallowing daggers and cringing and choking as they pierce me to agonizing regret, what is that? The swallowing of pride, that is what that is, ok, well, I better go, I can't be late, please Brave, don't go just yet," feeling his warm tempting breath, her feel good, delicious neck, really heighten her private of places, what is, shhh," even as she tremble in his hand, ran away this frighten. "Trust me, ok, just trust me, look at me, hey it's me, it's husband Beethoven, I know," as one herself fancying him along his bronze locks of curls, one of his greatest of highlights, into those model like, edible features, his mouth, of lusting after it's insatiable tongue. "Come, where are we going? To be alone, to be alone why? Hey, don't we want to be alone, ah discover ourselves as husband and wife? No, I mean I'm told, well," as one nervously wiping, fainting even, even pulling away, "hey, hey, shhh, look at me, don't forget how precious you are to me, to us, to holy spirits Brave. They created all of this for you, for us, that we can be one blood, flesh forever, but I'm told, shhhh," with the feel of his warm breath upon hers, edging to be kissed lips, tongue, unable to delay any longer, their steaming breaths, life source now this one. "Ah god you taste so good, I so want you, I mean, I need you with me, ok, is that ok? Yes, I love you, you love me? What, you just said you love me, I, I, you said it, all of heavens host heard it and was made glad, say it again, I love," biting her as to feed on every delicate word, every ounce of blood permeating these fiery confessions, this their love, marriage affair, bed, Beethoven Fifth Artz and Brave Heart Deburk, begat;    >>>"So you're saying it didn't hurt as they say, ah like a sword being run through you, but! But! It was as beyond amazing, as it was, ah painful I guess," noticeably swatting away a tear, along these confessions of a newly wedded, web marriage bed, what Holy Spirits always intended, explaining how by them, she and husband BFA love making soared into heights so extreme. "I had no ideal it could be like that, that, that is why it's called marriage from the beginning, I guess, why you guys it's sooo sacred. How can you share something so personally as your flesh, this other inside your reproductive life source, I mean it was like I became his and he became mine by an act of surrendering, equally blistering, pouring into one the other that was so, so miraculous you guys. I mean how do you raise from being that dissolved into another person, even this spouse, this, even his lamenting and babbling beyond heaven and now face them? "You Brave tell us, we are the ones having the Tombola coming up, ah, god, you guys are right, perhaps I've said too much, don't be scared, all I know after all that's phenomena at becoming this one, we'll never look at other the same, never again. I can hardly wait to see him, touch and taste him, you know, all over again, that I even have him, that he is mine alone, you know. Yeah," seeing they're to gather their books, was Brave Heart alarmed she'd possibly said too much, "we better go, we have prenatal classes, yes, and you miss BFA Files, you could be pregnant, as in right now. Stop ok, I'm already floating on one cloud, you won't me to jump to another, no I won't, I can't, ok, I just can't think about that, that's just crazy.! They saith the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, that you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an apostle of Christ is among you, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM, see also here,

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