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In The Hebrew Hath His Name Hamath

Day Twenty-six, 09/13," of the "week," prophecy, 08/18, the countdown to Resurrection, Daniel final week of years, see www.2016jesusisthespiritofprophecy.blogspot.com

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                             

Jesuis (I Am, We Are), Jesus, if you are a Christian, ISIS wants to kill you. Our politicians keep telling us that our battle with ISIS is not a “religious war”, but to ISIS it most certainly is, by, Michael Synder/Infowars

     We need to understand that ISIS is not necessarily looking to hit political or military targets. They are openly telling us that religious targets are now a priority, and they could literally strike anywhere in the entire country.
     Thousands of American Christians have already been put on ISIS kill lists, and ISIS has already instructed their operatives to kill those that they can. The following comes from an excellent article by Bethany Blankley… According to a report recently made public, early this year, ISIS specifically identified 15,000 Christian Americans for death and instructed jihadists already in America to begin widespread murder.
     The Kill List report comes in the wake of ISIS already publicly warning American and British Christians that “they were next.” British police last week publicly warned its 5.4 million Christians to be on alert and in some areas increased security.
And there have already been some very close calls. In fact, if the authorities had not intervened in time earlier this year, a church up in Michigan could have been the scene of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history…
     In February, Khial Abu-Rayyan, 21, of Dearborn Heights, Mich., was arrested after he told an undercover FBI agent he was preparing to “shoot up” a major church near his home on behalf of ISIS. A month earlier, the Rev. Roger Spradlin of Valley Baptist Church – one of the biggest congregations in Bakersfield, Calif. – told attendees that they had received a threat written in Arabic. see more here, http://www.infowars.com/isis-has-a-new-focus-killing-christians-and-bombing-churches-wherever-they-can-find-them/

Apostle's Note: The Chaldeans Are Coming, Jer. 37:8, 1998

     Little when I, or those reading behind me, this confuse, that Holy spirits, by a panorama on my bed, over my head out or Jeremiah 37;8, was here warning of such relentless to beyond evil deeds enemies. Those coming as the slayers of God, Ezekiel saw summon by him and commanded to slay all those upon which hadn't been marked because of their blessed heart by he ink horn man. I shared just months past, about being taking onto or into a manner of census taking, of the marking or making ready of certain, was the Holy Spirit again, making them by their tears those sorely with compassion regarding all the evils of the transgressors and staying on their knees of intercessory prayer.
     Now again marked not only for life, but the first resurrection where the second death no longer has power. Such the slayers, weren't to take any pity, but where to slain, old, young, all, again all upon which didn't have the mark, so another manner of pass-over, beware, be very aware, for the terrorist like he Chaldeans of Ezekiel's day will come, they will take these cities and they will burn them with fire, with Jesus alone this single savior, all dead in him, just as so ascended to him, awake, Apb, the RAM.

     Like Watching Noah's Ark, a voice, "Mark 17 and 7," 2003, like the days of Noah, Mat. 24, Jesus, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993, "my people are being stripped," GOH, Apb

Prophecy Links

-A Voice, "Give Me Twelve," 08/18/2016, as in twelve slayers, as is being described by the prophet Ezekiel, 9th chapters, hearing God, calling forth six slayers, now measuring 12, beware, Apb
-Seen to be seeing Islamic terrorist awarded diamond wedding rings for their deadly efforts against the West, 2003, also see Jer. 37:8, 1998
-Seen to be seeing a build up of torture vehicles for as far as the eyes could see, with a US general lamenting, don't be alarmed men, Mede is very dirty, 2003
-Seen to be awarded an 11:00 shopping lunch hour, all while military loved ones are hooked their navels with pulleys and torn into bits, this horrid, 2003

We Are The People Of Cross, Caught Into Heaven www.thefourthofthegodhead15.blogspot.com    

     People Of The Cross, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DksMpQTHMV0 you click on this selection, and the first you hear is, "home, we're heading home, we journey on to see our Savior face to face. Close, we're getting close, your spirit rise within us higher every day, forward, on to Jesus, we are the people of the cross, we 've chose Christ and count all else as lost, we won' be shaken, hope won't be taken, we are the people of the cross   ......Jesus! we will be faithful if you meet us, give us your courage as we finish, we want to hear well done,  
.....Jesus! We will be faithful till you meet us, give us your courage as we finish, we wanna hear well done,... we are the people of the cross,   ...how truly phenomena, you only know how wondrous the lyrics to this song, if you've been waiting in graves, on cursed lands, around broken to pieces laws and covenants, into sorely grieved Holy Spirits, for Jesus to finally come or you're to shoot like fire rockets into the heavenly bodies at joining Him. Marvin Sapp, another artist, has a song, it's lyrics which say "I never wouldn't made it without you," ok, yes, Hallelujah!
     Only, I won't resign to singing such a song until I've crossed over the blessed threshold, bearing the banner, behold the Throne of God, and here is our eternal arrival. Then His, this Lord is lamenting, "well done my good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things, enter ye into my rest," His Kingdom Reign. Accordingly, God's ordain Righteousness from the foundation of the world, Have we failed? Yes, since the first Adam but so have we prevailed and overcome this world since the birth of the woman seed, the last Adam.
     Jesus Christ entering into the Holies of Holies and making better sacrifices than by the blood of goats and bulls, but by His Own Blood have He made a flawless redemption for us. Then hath sat down at the right hand of the Father, until a fullness of time regarding His descending just timely enough to bring the bride up to Him, and in seven years, by the brightness of His coming, throw down the reigning footstool of His Enemies, got Him, got Jesus yet?

One Hour With The Beast

     One Hour With The Beast, Rev 17:12, Aug. 25th, 2016, doing this specific hour, all the leaders involved here, will become possessed by the beast, this meeting will produce the end time ten heads mostly Islamic, the seven year peace accord with Israel's neighbor, the little horn and the false prophet, seen come out perdition 2008. The war on Israel, where two thirds of it will succumb to this end time despot, unto the battle of Armageddon, whereas after this truce, seven year duration, Jesus will in that day, a day neither light or dark, but in the evening it shall be day, Jesus will sat his feet upon the mount of Olivet, the very places Angels reassured early disciples would be the locale of His return. All of which will complete Daniels week, see Dan. 7, 8, 9th chapters. So to hear this Islamic leader complaining, even how he literally walked away having to wait for an hour to learn America's participation, you now understand why this exact space of time, as so this hour, is as important as the truce itself.
     As I was dozing in sleep the night of August 18 when I both saw and heard the word "week," since a week is seven days, I started this day by day count down, only when I read this article, did I learn, this Syrian/Russia/US truce was made on this seventh day, 08/25. It was also around this time I heard a voice lament, "give me 12," immediately I thought about the twelve heirs of Israel, I'd been given as a word possibly 2012, I considered how Ismail, Abraham illegitimate son, also has twelve heirs, though it could be all of the above, even that 2016 is the 12th anniversary of the Angels Gabriel's reappearing, only when I read this article did I again get some ideal, the Syrian Truce was to begin September 12th, as in, "give me twelve days!"
     I've shared how my grandson Caden, doing, when a similar truce was made earlier this year, come into the room, told me grandma, there's something in my parents room you need to see. How I rose from my seat, my labor in the Lord, thinking, wondering, what was the matter, a game he was playing, a movie he wanted me to watch with him, a bug he wanted me to kill? I get in here, I'm looking all around, up, down and I say, what? Then he, only seven years remember? This is the Caden, who when he was only three Holy Spirits described to me, how he, his generation, would grow in occupied territory, in an occupied America.  He says there, and not only point at the TV, but into breaking news and what could be, yet another failed Syrian, with Russia allying truce and Caden turn and walk away.
     This is the kind of divine intervention, and be possessed of Holy Spirits, Jesus was referring to, after disciple Peter knew Him exactly word for word, actually the Holy Spirit through Him, and Jesus knew exactly this is how his church would be known beyond millions of others, walking not according to the flesh but according to the spirit. Understand, this first Syrian truce was falling apart because all the players weren't yet involved, remember Russia and the US were at odds about Putin allying Syria. Not only so, the local of this one resolve, again most important, I got a strong word a year or more passed whereas I heard a voice lament, "don't touch Geneva."
     Those who read behind me, that's hopefully they read behind me, well we've used this "week," prophecy, 08/18, as to count us down not only into the seven days that unknowingly produce this recent Geneva Truce. With blessed hope, into what we believe will count us into the final week of Daniel, this beyond imagining Week, also referred to as Jacob's Troubles as it's to be worse for them since Hitler's Germany. Actually a world army set against them, and by now their allies, Western Civilization totally obliterated by this time. So this week also mean, well, there is one major beyond comprehension event that has to proceed it, the Great Gathering of Saints, where the Bride has been pictured in heaven, with the holy spirit declaring, "the spirit and Bride saith come, no doubt the marriage supper.
     You see, when Holy Spirits showed her lately, referred to in revelation as the Bride, not just reigning in heaven, but sitting in one of the highest position there. In possession of the stone cut out without hands fruition, which has the surface of a meteor, I read the other day, how one of these NEO's, even it's potential to be an ELE, whizzed right by our planet before specialist even knew it existed let alone that it would come so close, "asteroid destroy Wis-con-sin." Recklessly, mankind constantly persuade ourselves along what is now deemed a normalcy bias, if it hasn't happen, meaning it possibly won't. Do you know, according to Jesus' Revelation we're living in a post era of one apocalypse after another, yes happening to this earth and when it's all over, mammoth disasters.
     Coupled with Jesus Ascension carving a new valley along Mt. Olivet territories, all of which will produce a new heaven and earth, with a New Jerusalem descending into it, and the last enemy of mankind that will destroyed, is death and dying. Only years prior and according to holy scripture, this gathering of world leaders, friend or foe, will be along a spirit of coercion of them handing over control of their countries after spending or being persuaded one hour with the beast. Ten of these heads, well, now with America, the West as a tail spin, sparrow downward, mean even Israel will as impossible as it may seem all these years, they too will resign to hand over all things. All to perform a better union with it's neighbor hence a seven year truce with an amalgamation of ten heads, one of which his name as Hamath.
     Historically, Hamath, meaning fortress, is the principal city of upper Syria, Syria being the the root of these improbable feats. The Hamathites were a Hamitic race, and are included among the descendants of Canaan. (Genesis 10:18) Nothing appears of the power of Hamath until the time of David. (2 Samuel 8:9); in the Assyrian inscriptions of the time of Ahab (B.C. 900) Hamath appears as a separate power, in alliance with the Syrians of Damascus, the Hittites and the Phoenicians. Thus Israel seen in an allegiance with these as well historic people, even her neighbors at that, would more than fulfill Daniel's prophecies of Israel's descendants.
     Here, making the last man induce accord with an unconceivable by them all voracious beast posing as a well reserved world leader. Herein in all likeness of scripture still, this highly questionable, even thought impossible peace initiative, Holy Spirits are unveiling to John Rev. 17:10-18, describing the fall of five, this one existing and the other, referencing these ten heads as one kingdom, which was to come, follow by a beast kingdom, making eight as an entire. Said accord, as Daniel, as so John equally saw, will falter three and a half years later, but only as the antichrist at this point make war on and defeat three of them. Seeming all on his mission as Satan's aid, to finish off, as in wipe out the Holy People purposing to end God's affiliation not only with them, but with mankind period. This allowance, of this world most lethal of enemies praise be to God, is as well three and a half years, then off into the lake which burns with fire and brimstone with him, them all.
     Justly, is it prophesied, Ezekiel's 38, 39th chapters, how it will take seven months to rightly bury the dead of Magog, where special care is taken with every bone; as well, seven whole years it will take to rid the earth of it's vast armaments. All said, performed and written, since before the foundation of this world, whereas you hear an appearing Angel Gabriel, crying aloud, sparing not, "the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind," so sounded, saith the seventh Angel, Trumpet, awake, see more here, www.daniel534bc2017ad.blogspot.com, www.2016thepalehorse92ad2001ad.blogspot.com

     Ending Here, The Intrepid Adventure, The World Since Noah's Ark Is, Again Weighed And Judged, www.2016theissueofblackbowls.blogspot.com, www.thesevenvials2016.blogspot.com

     Simply, God turn from us, His Head away, His Throne as I've seen backed into massed assembly and immediately it all stops, I'm not talking about drip, drip drippy drop of the slowest of motions, all now this far reaching fantasy. I'm talking those flying, driving, walking, running, eating, dancing, those breathing, brought suddenly into this stretching halt of all things on this planet. Horridly beyond imaging from there is this fall, this unassailing descent, crash and burn, as to morphed city to city, nation to nation along a world wide inconceivable of anarchies and pandemonium activating the worse of catastrophes all around, up, down, underneath, even within as mankind are equally driven this lunatic to mayhem.
     Not only have I seen this, and had such the unfathomable of events demonstrated upon me these thirty years, there are prophets of God who've been prophesying such a day for thousands of years, and no one but the God they've forsaken days without number can prevent human kind from it's complete extinction. Or is it perhaps He, Elohim already has? That it is that crying aloud all these thousands of years, even knocking profusely on the door of mass assembly mesmerized with celebrity, knock, knock it is your Christ, call a solemn assembly, repent or perish! There are those assigned by bible prophecy to come at this time, one description is that He, the Antichrist will kill millions, as millions go broke, as well is described another, most righteous judgment, the Wine Press of God.
     It as well frightfully declares, how it will cause millions of lives, how it's measurement of avenging blood is to reach the horses' bridle, calculated properly, is said to be as a river of blood running for 175 miles of it. I know this countdown to Resurrection and Daniel's final week, that's weeks of years, it's seventieth, see Dan. 9, even that it end up on a repurposed post entitled 'Jesus is the spirit of prophecy,' all seem foolish. What isn't foolish and why it's fullness of time is celebrated, under the sounding of the seventh angel, the Saints John witness under God's Throne. How like those 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian males 2015, beheaded.
     Beyond amazing, around the same moment, Holy Spirits by divine text messages, wanting even the greatest of technology attention, and I quote several of them saying this one miraculous thing, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way here." Both heart breaking and miraculous they were crying, "how long O Lord, Holy and True, doeth thou not avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?" John said, it was instead given unto them white robes, there is no question whether God will save you, help you, heal you, do all these manners of recues. Rip to pieces Holy Flesh and spill Righteous Blood and above, He by Christ' Cross already has.   
     Behold, this Blessed Lord above all, He stand at the door knocking inquiring of your acceptance or your rejection? Your will freed accordingly, it's all now left up to each individual you. The white here, the Bridegroom, said is for the Righteousness of the Saints, undoubtedly when Ken Peters, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRxwl0-8pFA saw the righteous break, quake and rise out of their graves, and put on God's glory.
     Seeming by his testimony, these specialty robes which were whites as in a glowing sequence of blinding sunlight, again as they were instantly glorified. The Saints under were then told to wait a little while longer, as in right this moment, until their other brethren, see more here, (www.persecutionblog), are as well martyred for their testimony of Christ, as they were. Such is what is happening regarding both the beauty and the terror of bearing one's cross for Christ.
     An abrupt standstill, this is what happen prior to the intrepid dream auto disappearance into it's passage of time being ejected along an eerie weigh station, www.theintrepiddream2001.blogspot.com, everything suddenly quit, stopped, vanquished, excreta, excreta, excreta and nothing was again left of especially Western Civilization. Nothing that is after this cataclysmic stoppage or dead end but a weigh station, a weigh scale, a new era/Islamic Reign and a pale horse judgment, with other alike following. One thing I know by bible prophecy, mankind's nature and this Intrepid Dream, judgement, mankind as Jesus Himself forewarn, as the days of Noah, how like them, those presently sitting on the greatest or technology refuse to realize anything is the matter, until these floods of disasters, too, take them away, and after this, the great white throne, judgment, beware, additionally, Apb, see more here, www.escapeherenton16.blogspot.com 

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