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Post Amerigeddon

Day Eighteen, 09/04, week prophecy, 08/18, countdown to resurrection, see

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     Like Watching Noah's Ark, a voice, "Mark 17 and 7," 2003, like the days of Noah, Mat. 24, Jesus, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993, "my people are being stripped," GOH, Apb

Post Amerigeddon, Occupied Territory, 2011               

An End, The End Hath Come, Summon The Fowls                         

This Ain't Entertainment, But Wicked Devices (GOH, 1987)

     'These ain't water guns, please save our sons,' by Todrick Hall fea. Jordon Sparks,, though clever, it's all counted as sacrifices of the wicked, just another band aid, a temporary fix along a limitless waiting list. That's of the birth upon heart defect born of all men, needing a divine heart to blood transplant, which is Jesus Christ the Lord. Be warn, anyone climbing up any other way, are found to be as thieves and robbers, and threaten with outer darkness, I've seen this, even families rejected into horrible deaths. Flesh and blood, those walking according to the condemnation of their wicked hearts, grieving Holy Spirits, will not, that's cannot inherit, God's Kingdom.
     Comprehend this, God's tremendous love, mercy and grace, even Elohim crying behind a silence in Heaven, even anointing the end time labors to be acquainted with his grieves and sorrows are not signs of weakness, but unmerited favor. His wine press judging mountainous blood guiltiness until Jesus' Millennium hath total reign upon this earth and man, crying aloud and they will know I am God! So if you're not Christ, as in born again and surrendered all to Him, all, no longer making provisions, excuses for sin. Then as Jesus is explaining to millions of the gifted, regardless of all your tremendous works you are none of His, your sins remain.
     Apparently and without end Jesus, and bearing this death and dying for Him, is the only way, truth and the life, no man reign God's Kingdom without Him, Jesus' Redeeming Blood. As so along this expert video there is shown those who're painted green, my grandchildren ask what does it mean? I tell them to me it's a reminder we're all one color, because our blood is one, being born from one Adam, and sin and death by him.  As so with others, pressing toward the mark of the last, final Adam, reborn by both His and our holy sacrifices, truth and grace come by Him. By His entering into the Holies of Holies and becoming better sacrifices all robes are made white, which is the Righteousness of the Saints only by Him, as I said, prick any human being on this planet, we're all destined to holocaust into oblivion and after this the great white throne judgment as is at presently, millions, even billions are set to die in all likeness of this greatest of rebellion, hence Jesus ultimate cry to all flesh and blood, repent or perish!

Post Amerigeddon

     As of this remarkably concerning article, and so many others like it. America as liken to my prophecies has been living in an apocalyptic form of a Post Amerigeddon since the Intrepid Dream timetable Christmas night 2001, but especially since the Death Rider vision of the mid nineties and God threatening to destroy all abominations and detestation upon their lives, lands and churches. The only difference here, now nearing the finale of the 15.10 years of allowance, again, 2001, that's of a US soil targeted cataclysmic disaster is that I'm far from being alone.
     Clearly, of seeing since 1986, the worse to happen not only to America but to the world, hence I've ask, since I saw this happen just as America was wiped out, is the church being snatch out prior to cataclysms? Or is the church sudden to miraculous disappearance that cataclysmic that's to happen.
Actually what could it be true, that its two catastrophes counted as one? Definitely after I witnessed the beige to pale horse judgement, and hell following, those alike bringing up the rear were men dressed as horses, meaning they, wars and rumors. Even centuries of turf wars are just as responsible, all rebellious as the pouring out of God's wrath at God's Kingdom come.
     Heretofore, Jesus had this saying, how those who believe not are condemned already, not that He was condemning. Come not to condemn the world, Jesus said Himself, but that the world through Him might be saved. Jesus meant unbelief is the condemnation as the first curse remain, without Jesus as Savior Lord. In this other words, what Jesus called condemnation, I like to call flirting with disaster, and its millions of them putting themselves in danger this way, worshipping pleasures, America, for godliness.
     This is why God by His grace gave us Jesus, this was never, ever about achieving the present world, this leopard coat, artificial loan of it, clearly there's no profit in it when at any given second you could be dead in your unbelief and waking up in hell, this condemned. I know, enjoy life while you can, only this isn't life, and as far as the third heavens is from the earth, is temporal life as Adam from the last Adam, Jesus Christ, unto immortal life. Preached forever, authentic life recreated through the second, last Adam is only made available to us as we believe in and surrender to life in the Spirit, now a new creature.
     Having for millennium looked through a mirror darkly, its a loan, all borrowed until death brings you into the reality of myriads crying mostly Jesus was real we should've worshipped Him. First made to appear as to make a good choice between Jesus and Barabbas, then on to a stunning artificial mortgage. What I last knew of this clever cross dresser, it had the appearance of an Intrepid adventure ending cataclysmically all because unbelief, well as one is to forfeit his soul therein is so rampant. As so is a world, a mankind and a generation plagued with forbearing more than ever with ceaseless disasters.
    I read an article just yesterday, 09/04, a breakdown and play by play of what a coming Marshal law is going to be like, something prophesied to me 2011 would be what's left of my, of our grandchildren approaching future. What I was warn was, soon the America I grew up in and that of my children, would now regarding my grandchildren then 2 to 3 years be occupied territory or a police state. This forewarning goes back to the nights of dreaming not only of wars, but those enacted on US soil, I don't know if you've noticed, but America's enemies, for years has always allowed America to bring their addition to warmongering to them. But no, no this time, both an Arab enemy and an Asian invasion, was pending, and they were bringing this viciousness reaping viciousness personally to them.
     So why is it said, the prayers of the righteous availeth much? Remarkably, because other than Jesus' Cross being lifted up, it, the prayers of the Righteous Bride, its own divine intervention, is the greatest hinderer of evil. This is what Elohim was threating at the explanation of a coming Woman Seed, this truth is why, this prophetic fulfillment, Jesus looked at Peter now lead of Holy Spirits speaking through him, Jesus declared right here, 'upon this Rock.' This Rock, even from the foundation of the world, before Father Abraham, He, It is,  being Jesus, He would now build His church thereupon this Blessed Cornerstone and not even the gates of hell would prevail.
     Next thing and the mocking of Him, lamenting, "whoever believe in me shall never die, and (because), I will raise Him up on the last day, (last day of the church age, 2001-2017, the blessed dead, like Lazarus, rest in heaven, looking forward to Jesus/God's Kingdom reign). Early this ministry, doing the vision of the burning church, its smoke rising up to God, crying and mourning, possibly why Elohim behind a silence in heaven described these abominations as those killing HIS People by stripping them of everything Jesus Christ. The announced ability of Lucifer especially by the rebellious to bruise Jesus' heel, even doing Daniels "Week," to subdue Israel and overcome the Tribulation saints, but not for long, Jesus Is Coming, and that for a thousand years.
     Behold the church, it is burning and being literally destroyed, lamented this voice out of the flames, but the Foundation haven't been destroyed, remember this foundation is Jesus, the Stone, made without hands, even King Nebuchadnezzar way back witness fall from heaven, crushing everything rebellious man, all of which I saw fulfilled, described the antichrist murderer, even now the reigning in heaven Righteous Bride, 02/14/2015, Got Him, Got Jesus' yet. Awake, be as aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM,

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