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Awesome, No Body Greater Than You

Day Sixteen, 09/03, of the week prophecy, 08/18, this count down to resurrection, see more here,

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                      

     -Jesuis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, Hope Amid Chaos, in Yemen, Christians face intense persecution from militant groups, such as al-Qaida, but they also face persecution from their Muslim neighbors. In June 2016, Muslims interrupted a small church gathering and beat up all of the men, sending many to the hospital. Despite this and other incidents of persecution, one believer said these difficulties are “encouraging believers to build the family altar.”
    -Although local Christians must be careful about sharing their faith, many say the war has taken some of the pressures off their community. As a result, believers are becoming more united as they share resources and to meet together to pray and worship. Their Muslim neighbors are taking note of this love and peace, and asking why Muslims kill while Christians show mercy.
More Muslims are coming to Christ, too. A local ministry leader said, “Every two or three days we discover a new believer.” see more here, also see,

Prophecy Links

     There's something about a dream, regarding the setting of this 'ring of fire,' all round, on the map, even more proof, all rebellion is come to an end, 08/30/2016
      There's Something about again living on plantations, before be evacuated into closed borders of Mexico 07/16/2016
      Seen to be seeing Miya on Dunlap street where Obama at one time was, as so at a time, Lady Obama, meaning again, time has lapsed America into it's own works of oblivion, 08/18//2016

No Body Great, I Searched All Over                                     

     No body great, I searched all over, by Va Shawn Mitchell is one of the newer songs I've been listening to. Sometimes when I can't find the right words to say, I'll stretch my bible open to the book of psalms. Kneeling here, I'll pray out of it's priceless lamenting, although I wasn't but a few months old in Christ, when he appeared to me that day, possibly Abib/April 17th, (see Noah's Ark, the crossing of the Red Sea, Jesus' Resurrection, and now Spring 1986 Rapture Demo), all enacting upon me the totality of what the first resurrection would be like. Here given me thirty years of heaven to earth memories and the sharing of this beyond extraordinary of a blessed hope turn a divinity by reassuring me, 02/17/2015, Jesus is on His way here.
    Though young in Christ, I knew His Appearing to me having Wings, lets just say I knew explaining this would be a problem, At this time, I had no ideal how often especially in the book of Psalm God having wings is worshipped continuously without end. Meaning there was no need of an explanation the Christ of Resurrection arriving to the Brides rescue having wings; with the prophet Malachi describing them as healing wings. This miraculous, is what the Sunlight of God will be bearing when He arrives, again, healing wings, of which biblical scholars are to describes are really sun rays. Those of which have the appearance of wings, health wise, the sun rays at a specific time has a stunning healing and reassurance of rehabilitation.
     Out of all the Psalms, that stretches on and on with indescribable laments, intercessory and worship, praise and thus Grace. So to fall in love with one scripture in particular is literally impossible, the one passage the lyrics of this song most remind me, Psalm 71vss.19, 'Your Righteousness O God, Is Very High, WHO HAS DONE GREAT THINGS; O God, who is like unto You!   

O God, Who Is Like Unto?                                     

    Every time Jesus asked a once denying Peter whether he loved Him and that's three times, Jesus was in essence asking him, whether or not he'd died? Until Peter, or the disciples period died to the flesh, and any manner of the seeking of self, beside greed, this stumbling block of iniquity, the worse of mankind's detriments. A young student asked the question, what is love? And a lot of people sound off thinking they knew, but until you get to the root of unconditional love, everything else a wasted sentiment, conditionally that's self love is as Paul describes, I Cor. 13:13, as a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal, that's empty, void, and lifeless, a reaching for the wind.
     The answer people are not ready for is, love is first forgiveness, like if the African race would eventually like Jesus forgive humankind, and vice versa, especially for slavery, there would be no place for a black lives or any particular race movement. You see, Jesus taught us to forgive our enemies, take Israel and Islam for example, all land is still rooted and grounded in Elohim. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb mean it'll all become a divine covenant with Him, henceforth the wealth of the wicked is stored up for Jesus' Worshipers, so all this time turf wars have been simply foolish.
     All the blood we spill is our own, all mankind blood lineage dating back to the first Adam. Governor Pilate knew this, demonstrating publically the washing of Jesus' innocent blood off of Him, not realizing how much he, human kind need His Redemptive Blood spilled accordingly, prick Him, me, we all bleed, get this and stop being continuously deceived.
     Undeniably, meaning only those repentant of Jesus' divine blood are capable of being made heir to God's throne, by an adoption of a Holy God, now putting on flesh, enduring a cross for the Adam that once was lost, crying aloud, I was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see. Now you see why Jesus' first commission is 'if anyone come after me let him first deny himself,' well birth here along a failed nature this is not possible without divine transformation. This is what Jesus meant when He declared doing the Garden of Gethsemane, what He meant anytime He dealt with sin, the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, meaning we have got to get rid of it.
     So Jesus in no way was talking to the flesh when He instructed people to stop sinning, because the flesh worships self and thus sin. Until repentance, it has and will continually chose to live what it believe is deliciously this evolution of free will; surely by which the curse of death, judgment and hell has disguised itself. Just as I said, Jesus said, deny self, but man can't, pick up your cross, but man can't, follow me, but man can't, because the flesh can only follow self, it is only willed by self, it can only exalt self, America, to Mystery Babylon, meaning the entire abominable world, is constantly it's worship.
     This is why exiting the kitchen lately I heard a voice say, and I quote, "self need to be pound into the dust," it was the same Holy Spirit who'd written in red letters in the midst of Holy scripture and I quote, 'man can't do this, only Holy Spirits can do this.' Arriving us at Jesus conversing with a religious leader coming to Him by night seeking of Holy Spirit's Anointing, of course Jesus being the Woman Seed. Jesus being God Manifested in the flesh knew there is only one form of successful mankind on this planet, that one restored to His first ever love, Divine Spirit and Soul, His Authentic deity the come Kingdom Reign of A Holy God. Light hath come surely, but man, flesh worship, into the worshipping of self continuously, I'm crucified with Christ instead the Apostle Paul testified, yet not I, but Christ lives in me
     In other words, Paul is no longer ordered around by his flesh, it died as surely as Jesus by His Crucifixion put all worship of the flesh to death, now take His Yoke upon yourselves, and Rise Heaven bound for all time. Yet not I, said Paul further, no longer living a wasted life, but Christ lives in me, the Apostle Paul is here breaking down spirit by spirit, truth by truth, what Jesus was explaining to the religious leader Nicodemus. This miracle had to happen, what has to happen first to all persons, all selfishness and unrighteousness to cause this manner of death to the flesh, that he then rise a new creature no longer having treasures here especially those rooted and grounded in the carnality.
     This is why the first of Jesus' Revelation is toward Satan's seat dominating the churches, so grievous a sore to Holy Spirits, not only was heaven made silent of it's unforeseen abomination, but a Holy God was found crying uncontrollably, why I witness a beast 2014 tearing through every bit of it. Truthfully, why Jesus made forgiveness first thing even while He hung from the cross, severely injured by their nails running through him, of His sacrifice of blood, would've profited mankind nothing, as the curse of death and damnation would all remain, without forgiveness.
     Secondarily, love is longsuffering, the one reason why  mankind flee into one disaster, to pandemic to cataclysmic event after another, having fled this blessed Savior. Those who believe not, the blood, the flesh and the earth, and every ounce of it's worship yet cursed right into the core of it. Do you really believe a beyond all things we've ever surveyed Heavenly Being, of billions of years of existence would chance everything on a more Carnate existence if HE even for a nan-second wasn't going to take it serious, no, even if a virgin womb thus separated from Satan's ruination, had to conceive and bring forth a son.
     Which at a fullness of time, God brought forth HIS only begotten, made of a woman yes, made of the Holy Spirit as well, that whosoever believe, confess their sins. Only then He would forgive them, the sacrifice already committed, cleansing them from all unrighteousness, all that they no longer walk according to the flesh, but the Spirit, Holy and Acceptable to God, themselves these New Creatures. Evidently hearing the Apostle Paul pleading, that we surrender all to Jesus's Trust, even transforming our mind to those of His Own, no longer conformed to or according to this wicked world, Jesus the way, truth and the way, worship Him! Also see,

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