Thursday, September 8, 2016

One Is Loosed Another, Greater To Come

Day Twenty One 09/07, of the "week," prophecy, 08/18, the count down to resurrection, see

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     Like Watching Noah's Ark, a voice, "Mark 17 and 7," 2003, like the days of Noah, Mat. 24, Jesus, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993, "my people are being stripped," GOH, Apb

Occupied Territory             

An End, The End Hath Come, Summon The Fowls                         

O Sacred Head Now Wounded                                             

     Possibly  one of the saddest of Selah's song, and just as heart and spirit healing unto reassuring, this beasts of beauty, a divine lyrical along the disastrous to glorious road we by our disobedience to rebelliousness even as I write and you read, yet Jesus died, so you won't have to. Accordingly Holy Spirits forewarning these thirty years Jesus is no longer pictured as a coming redeemer, yet sitting the Father's right hand. Though more like end time Apostle witness of Him that spring of 1986, Jesus is right this moment tearing through the clouds after the Righteous Bride whose Marriage Supper, has come.
     Just how long have heavens host waited to have the Bride's arrival finally and completely this heir with to them, I told you what they lamented at me last I was there, how they can't hardly wait. Henceforth it stands to both prophetic to glorious reason, I been having demonstrations about divine manners of census taking, physical overwhelming and just recently, doing a ceremony there, I participated where a roll, name call was being performed out of the book of life, whose explicit identities would rise from these ancient pages and fitter and float into the distant heavens away, having served it's long await purpose, thus second death having no power here.
      “Him that overcome will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. I told you as odd, and as mentally disengaged as it made me feel, I know it shouldn't have simply being biblical to prophetic fulfillment, the heavenly host exclaiming how they can't wait to join me, here, meaning they too anxiously await a New Heaven and a New Earth, a new Jerusalem descending as a bride unto groom, this cemented in righteous blood, eternal covenant sealing them, again I say,  hallelujah!  

Prophecy Links

Seen to be seeing a Trumpet hand off to the Angel Gabriel, the fulfillment of the Trump of God on the map.

     Come to think of it, I've been seeing the rise of vicious beast since the mid eighties, it was then I witness the great whore of religious, this enormous beast, with a greater pending, wow'd devoured many, when the blessed Bridegroom come and fought with the Holy Bride completely defeating them.
     It was in 2001, I was shown a judgment that involved a beige horse, in the vision it appeared as though, this was a weight of guiltiness, western civilization, with America this lead, had lost hundreds of years first, and this pale horse, infested with fleas was additionally this sentence, with many other such the like, pending.
  It was in 2005, I witness a great beast stomping and chomping at people as they sat their porches, indicating for when they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them like travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.
     It was in 2004 the Angel Gabriel himself, appeared, and I quote, "the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind," as so she's coming or going with seventh angel,," post the marriage supper into Jesus' second return with the Bride
     It was 2008, doing it's highly anticipated election, whereas not only acting like a world leader was Obama declared "the one," not the Antichrist but a prelude to the Islamic Reign that would both produce and introduce this little horn of Daniel's Week,", here given a time table of two weeks and seven years in this order. It was doing this same time, I witness the rise of two horrible beast, one from land, one from sea, see Rev. 13
     It was in 2010, I won't up in a demonstration, explained all the better here, and here,, at first horrid thing above any, the heavens above had become crystal, was cracking along these sizable shods of  missiles making everything and everybody on this planet it's target, beyond horrifying. Here soon were as well two beast, appearing in likeness of demonized creatures of the amphibian species, that were crystallized as well.
     Seen to be seeing a grim reaper bearing a sword like syringe targeting severely at the heart, of stampeding Americans, a reaping of evil so precise, nothing was left of it, but a type of magnetized memorabilia one is to hand on the frig, 2010.
     It was in 2014, I witness an additional beast, the underlining one responsible for the great falling away that is to proceed the great gathering of saints. When I witness him he was stomping, chomping, and clawing his way from the pulpit into the pews which all seem to be vacant, why doeth mass assembly sit so solitary that was once filled with millions?
     It was in 2015, after I witness the Beast/Antichrist totally consume the earth, I was also made to see the Bride reigning in heaven and readying the stone made without hands, whose release was announced as the Antichrist murderer.
     It was in 2016 a voice declaring frightfully, "I have a bear in 20 counties/countries, I presumed as in a bear market, a failing stock market, world economy, remember it is prophesied to me, that the Antichrist will kill millions as millions go broke, as so will millions die by the wine-press of God.
      I just received a word just now, and I quote, "call for twelve," 08/18/2016, see twelve tribes of Israel, Rev. 7:4, just as so with insurmountable judgement pending, 2001-2017. Assuredly, this could as well be as the demonstration of that of Ezekiel 9, Ezekiel witnessing a wrathful God summon six slayers, out of the higher gate north, now double the rebellious recompense, there are twelve, Apb
     Seen to be both seeing and hearing the "week," prophecy, come both a count down to Daniel's Week, into the church age finale, 08/18/2016

Why Doeth Thou Marvel, I Will Show You The Mystery Of The Whore                

     Surely now we understand what Gabriel proclaiming a fulfillment of all things, even the sounding of the seventh angel that is this indescribable celebration of the fall of rebellious man, and now to God and Jesus, kingdom reign be the Glory forever and ever. Just as so can we clearly understand, well just imagine, though He was facing the greatest trials of all human life come and to come. Truly how glorious it was not only for a wounded Jesus, but an unnumbered host of heaven, His Father, and Our Father, sitting on a Throne there when Jesus to readied unto our crucifixion looked eye to eye with an inquiring, finding nothing guilty about this especial human being, Governor Pilate and said, 'this world is not my home,' thus labor not for the meat which perisheth but is unto immoral life, Jesus is Christ!
    So all things mankind worship that is not rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ, haven't since the first Adam fall been any manner of peace and safety, even when we proclaim peace and safety, death, judgment and hell aways stalk us, even Satan as a ravening wolf is on the proll seeking whom he may devour, put ye on the whole armor of God. Nor has it ever been life and living, but a curse by which Lucifer entrap mankind at the forfeiture of his soul, his true, authentic worthy, is and always have been a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I beseech thee surrender all to HIM, being not conformed to this world, but being transformed by the renewing of your heart, no longer making provisions for the flesh, now by divine testament, born again.

And In The Hebrew Hath His Name Apollyon                       

    I do have a word which says remember the 10 plagues, as so one forewarning, 2013, and I quoe, of five more disasters, and the dream, why visiting or doing a celebration in heaven, the sunlight moved from behind a mountain and spoke let my people go, just yesterday on Alex Jones pages, they were talking about how many people 15 years later l know so little about the 911 attacks, or little care, while months ago I forewarn to be aware, how beyond imagining America, he west have build heir own Nimrod Towers, despite Hitler's Holocaust slaughtering millions and all rooted in vast blood guility now like in th days of Moses giving us blood to drink.
     God promises strong delusions upon those who've resisted the light of the world which hath come, and been preached into bloody soil these thousands of years, that;s to being upon them strong delusions, now we know that strong delusional that they believe nothing but lies is America the great mystery, even this wind time Mystery Babylon rooted and grounded in and continuing to now, 2001-2017, the Prophet Daniel witness rise, adverse to all other reigning of nations, have great Iron teeth,  and sent to devour much flesh, this is the horror beyond all horrors on this earth Jesus is forewarning about, concerning Noah's earth, her we are in al likeness of them only worse.
     Cross Christ has been lifted upon the foundation laid for mankind, drawing millions upon millions to it, even millions counted as martyred, crying from beneath God's Throne, and awarded for their sacrifices, that God take his vengeance of their blood yet being spilled, so river of blood back then, now and yet to come, are the stock reminder you sow blood, you reap blood, explaining how God's wine press alone, will flow by a length of 175 miles of blood, you've given him regardless of Christ Cross, nothing but blood, here is the long lamented blood harvest, with death tolls on US soil, predicted to be in the tens of millions.  Let me try this again, every prophesied beast released from even thousands of years of imprisonment.  So when Daniel speak of the Prince of Persia preventing him, and Michael arriving to the rescue, even that a Prince of Grecia was next to arise.
     They're describing Satanic to demonic territorial spirits, evil fallen angels, all allied to prevent God' Kingdom reign, and the best way to stand in the way of God's fulfilling prophecy, or His Anointed doing this. So just Gabriel was on assignment to take end time prophecy to Daniel, Persia territorial spirit was sent to prevent them, with him 21 days until Micheal cleared this way, to Daniel would be revealed things being fulfilled in national to international media right the moment. Now since cast out of their high places, these wicked principalities all the more upon them earth, like John, and especially Daniel prior, I've seen the rise of all of them, they're all come out of prediction in one way or another, and if you're finally come into the revelation, that this world doesn't belong to you, us mankind, it never did, but more so now than ever.
     This is what Holy Spirits were forewarning, and we as usual little listen, woe, woe, woe, how that O dragon is now come down to you having great wrath, because he know he has but a little time. My recent to better understanding is that we, the Righteous Bride have been living in a post rapture setting, not only since spring of 1986 and phenomenally without description Jesus appearing demonstration a formation of Resurrection, in it's entirety to me, but this has miraculously been so since John he beloved testified of hearing a voice like a trumpet saying come up here, that is the first Resurrection, and biblical scholars say nothing is again mention of a church that is earthbound, but only in heaven and that preparing like Jesus, with him unto the second coming where he will lay waste to all that is the heathen raging,
      Rightly to explain both seeing a Trumpet passed off to the Angel Gabriel, and, though many visitations not only from him, Gabriel, but many various angels, but this one visitation as lately as 2004, declaring us the generation, where all prophecy is unto fulfillment, us, you and I, our children, grands and great. Holy Spirits through apostle's ministry has shown you such miraculous things only the book of revelation itself is in any comparison, and though I've been to humble to realize this truth for myself, it's getting so there is no denying it, I witness a pale horse judgment, and hell prophesied to ride with him,  2001, that's to be fulfilled US soil, in less than two years, this is why so many people have seen unimaginable death toll here, so much so the billions upon billions spent on 2016 election shouldn't been wisely spent on repentant alters and evacuating the country, even the continent.
     Personally, I witness a Yellowstone super volcano type cataclysmic disaster happen to it as mighty as to set the nation, even nation building, back for nearly 200 years, then the final seven years surrounding Daniel week, what I believe the week prophecy, 08/18/ is counting up down to do, as so the Church age ending, meaning the first resurrection is being performed along this dwindling down to the end times of rebellious man, explaining the greatest of prophetic days, 02/2015, since before President Obama, then yet the senator, 2008, where I received more visions and dreams regarding the Antichrist than ever before, even those beast Rev. 13, who're to possess men's of predictions into both Antichrist and the False Prophets,  now 2015, I saw it all fulfill, the little horn mighty reign, and the release of the stone without hands that's to destroy them with the brightness of His, Jesus' coming, awake, be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM

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